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South East
25 October 2019  -  25 October 2019

Platforma 5 – Worse Things Happen At Sea by Mooch

worse things

This art installation is a Morse code soundtrack within the Ramsgate lighthouse listing over a thousand names of vessels lost on the Goodwin Sands. Imagine how it feels to be lost in a storm at sea as the Morse distress call reminds you of the perils beyond the harbour walls, over many centuries, to the present day.

The Latin motto carved into the lighthouse, PERFUGIUM MISERIS, means refuge for those in need and the harbour exists for that reason following countless storms and tragedies. Worse things happen at sea was once a common expression. It is worth remembering that those dangers are still a reality for so many, in vessels large and small.

This was a Mooch collaboration with composer Nicholas de Carlo originally for the 2019 Ramsgate Festival of Sound. For more information and feedback please visit the Mooch website.

Worse Things Happen at Sea broadcasts on the Western harbour arm, Ramsgate, CT11 9LQ from 10am to 10pm.

Presented in collaboration with the 5th Platforma Festival, produced by Counterpoints Arts