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01 February 2020  -  02 May 2020

Play for Progress – Roots and Branches


Museum of Croydon Croydon Clocktower 1918 Katharine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX

Play for Progress presents: Roots and Branches

Croydon is an ancient crossroads that has been home to radical art movements, multicultural settlements, and places of transient community exchange for centuries.

In a way, nothing has changed. Now home to hundreds of unaccompanied minor refugees and asylum seekers, Croydon has an opportunity to build on its legacy of inclusion and provide ground for community healing, enrichment, peace and growth for all of us.

How can we work together to cultivate a place of community healing, enrichment, peace and growth for all of us?

Through creative projects in visual art, photography, music, and painting over the past year, our community of young people and associate artists explored themes of roots, displacement, branches, growth, nourishment, survival and the importance of connections to others and to the self. We want to share with you a glimpse of what we discovered within, about, and between ourselves through being and creating together.

Featured Work & Artists

Our Branches – Dima Karout & Young People – Visual Art

Anonymous Portraits – Emma Brown & Young People – Photography

Tree of Life – ATMA & Young People – Painted Mural

Sounds of Play – Joe Cryar & Young People – Soundscape

RAW Music – PFP Tutors & Young People – Music

Participatory performances, workshops, and more will accompany this free exhibition and be open to all.

Follow @PlayforProgress on social media for details.