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02 October 2018  -  28 October 2018

Tania Bruguera in residency at Tate Exchange

tate exchange

As part of the Hyundai Turbine Hall Commission, Tania Bruguera will be in residency at Tate Exchange for the month of October. Bruguera is also Tate Exchange’s Lead Artist for its 2018-19 activity year, which is inspired by the theme of ‘movement’. Her residency at Tate Exchange addresses not just the physical movement of people, but the emotional journey from the far away and unknown ‘other’ to the close-by neighbour.

Bruguera has worked closely with Tate Exchange Associate Counterpoints Arts (the organisation behind Platforma) in the development of the programme. Counterpoints is a leading national organisation in the field of arts, migration and social change with a mission to support and produce the arts by and about migrants and refugees, seeking to ensure that their contributions are recognized and welcomed within British arts, history and culture.

Programme details will be released soon.