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North West
16 November 2018  -  03 February 2019

The Ground Beneath Your Feet


Castlefield Gallery, 2 Hewitt St, Manchester M15 4GB

In the context of the refugee crisis, rising homelessness, environmental catastrophes, right-wing populism and the tragedies caused by deterritorialised capitalism many people see themselves, their identities and sovereignty under threat. This has led to the now familiar demand for stronger borders, rather than a call to work across them to deal with the global challenges we face.

With artists from Israel, Ecuador, Iran, Scotland and England, working with film, sculpture, demonetised currency, political campaigns and fungi: this exhibition aims to keep the conversation nuanced at a time when simple lies win out against complex truths. Asking how we relate to, learn from and are affected by the ground beneath our feet.

Artists: Omid Asadi, Tulani Hlalo, Keep It Complex, Jane Lawson, Roee Rosen, Oscar Santillan, Michael White, and The Museum of Homelessness

The Ground Beneath Your Feet launches at Castlefield Gallery as part of The With One Voice International Arts and Homelessness Summit & Festival.