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11 June 2019  -  12 June 2019

Welcome To The UK


The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street London NW8 8EH

“Welcome to the UK sets Britain in a wild funfair, led by an accordion-playing ringmaster/prime minister who rules this place with her hostile environment policy.

With satirical songs, clowning and vibrant ensemble performance, we raise awareness in the alarming absurdities of the refugee crisis, Brexit and global politics…

This show is their stories, their voice, their talent and their sense of humour. It’s also an ode to the UK we love.

A satirical play with a Sudanese, Italian, Syrian, Gambian, Iranian, Iraqi, Afghani, Zimbabwe, Armenian and French touch.” Sophie NL Besse (director)

Full details and booking via Cockpit Theatre

About the company

Borderline is a unique theatre ensemble of 14 refugee and European performers shortlisted for the Community integration Awards. It was created by PSYCHEdelight, a participatory theatre company of Sanctuary founded by Sophie NL Besse a writer, director and psychotherapist.

Three years ago they all embarked on an artistic and human adventure to raise awareness and change the negative narrative often associated with refugees.

In 2016 they created Borderline, a satire of Calais Jungle and after touring nationally and internationally soon became known as “The Borderline people”.