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Dance and Theatre

Platforma “Welcome” at Turner Contemporary
4th July 2016

On 2nd July the Platforma South East network in association with Music for Change and supported by Arts Council England held the launch event for an exhibition at Turner Contempoary in Margate based on the 2016 Refugee Week theme ‘Welcome’. Bringing together newly commissioned work created by, with and about refugees and migrants from marginalised communities, the project was overseen by Doug Noble and Julie Neville for Platforma.

The Artists

Edi Mandela is a Brighton-based artist who is a first generation / mixed race descendent of late 1950’s Caribbean immigrants. Edi uses mosaic design & portraiture to remind us how historical factors related to economic abuse will impact upon all our futures, not just ‘outsiders’; and imagining what it would be like if born in another place in the world.


Ellen Muriel comes from a traditional education in theatre; finding herself suddenly immersed in humanitarian aid work, Ellen attempts to combine old skills with new experiences to bring alive the existential issues that surround the mass movement of people. Ellen performed her play You, Me and the Distance Between Us at Turner Contemporary on 2nd July.


Gil Mualem Doron  is a socially and politically engaged artist and a community facilitator working in various media including photography, painting, installation and performance. In May 2016 Gil founded SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon & Residency in Brighton for artists from conflict zones.


Hong Dam  was born during the Vietnam War. Her work is a journey of self-discovery; exploring the universal themes of love, loss, separation and hope. She uses a variety of media to bring together the different facets of her childhood memories – the hopes and dreams of a child who had to flee her homeland in North Vietnam as a refugee.


Amanda Rigby  is an illustrator and typographer and Jay Gearing  create digital designs and illustrations influenced by political issues. Their joint work Home uses welcoming messages and images of plight to draw attention to the hopelessness of having no home and no prospect.


Josepa Muno moved from Catalonia to England in 1990. Through her multidisciplinary work, Josepa aims to raise people’s awareness about individuals in exile, their walks to freedom and their displacement across cultures by zooming in and blasting open visual, written and oral evidence of a given time in history.


Aron Cuga aka Azza is a UK rap artist who draws on his personal experience as a young father and a Czech Roma Gipsy. He came to the UK as a migrant and wants to use his music to encourage others to pursue healthy hobbies and ignore pressures in the community such as substance abuse and crime.


Oliver Seager aka Kotchin is a free-style MC, song writer and producer from South London. He spent his youth submerged in the sound system culture and the squat rave scene of the late 1990’s, absorbing influences from Drum and Bass, Reggae, Dub, and Jungle. Kotchin injects his life experiences into his poetry, using fast, conscious lyrics to reflect society with a positive attitude. Azz and Kotchin  performed at Turner Contemporary on Saturday 2nd July.