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Let us know of any resources for people working on the arts, refugees and migration that we might add to this list via

Good practice

Platforma Manifesto – an overview of good practice approaches 

Refugee Action Good Practice – a broad range of advice and guidance for refugee and asylum organisations

Sanctuary in the Arts Resource Pack – from City of Sanctuary

Refugee Week / Platforma Monthly Meet-Ups: Fundraising ; Offline and ‘hybrid’ approaches to creative projects

Refugee Week “Slow Conference” 2021 resources and films including Beyond Storytelling

Rules and regulations

Working in the UK while an asylum case is considered – “You will not normally be allowed to work while we consider your asylum application…” official government gudiance

Permission to work and volunteering for asylum seekers – Home Office gudiance

Volunteering and the law – Sport England guidance (ie how to ensure volunteers are not considered as employees)

Research reports

Refuge in a Moving World: Tracing refugee and migrant journeys across disciplines (UCL Press, 2020)

Everybody wants a refugee on stage: Conversations around contemporary artistic engagement with migration (IETM, 2019)

Culture for the Inclusion of Refugees and Migrants Handbook on Best Practices from Regions (Assembly of European Regions, 2018)

Networks and national organisations

Counterpoints Arts

Refugee Week

City of Sanctuary

Refugee Council

Refugee Action




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