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Visual Arts

Routes to Peace?
13th June 2019

‘Routes to Peace?’ is an artwork created by International Artist and Activist, Salma Zulfiqar, which brings to life the stories of ten refugee women from Syria and Africa.

The artwork highlights the dangerous journeys the women made when crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach safety in Europe and calls for safe routes for migration.

In the artwork – each refugee woman is represented as a ‘peace bird’ in search of safety carrying her story in a scroll.

The women’s stories were collected as part of a research project led by Dr Vicki Squire from University of Warwick: Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat. The research emphasises the importance of recognising the voices and claims of people on the move in debates surrounding migration.

The artwork is accompanied by audio recordings of excerpts of the women’s stories:

Learn more about the harrowing journeys made by African and Syrian Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat to Europe. 

Routes to Peace is on show at  The Library of Birmingham from June 14- July 19 before travelling to Warwick University.