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Sirkhane Darkroom
9th March 2020
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By Serbest Salih

I am an artist, originally from Syria, directing the Sirkhane Darkroom – an empowering project that takes place in Mardin Istasyon in Turkey.

As a refugee myself, I find love in teaching art of photography to children of deprived areas. The project equips children with inexpensive, pinhole andsimple analogue cameras, teaches them the basics of composition and visual arts and how to develop, print and achieve results out of their own art.

Darkroom is a photography school for vulnerable children of Syrian, Kurdish, Iraqi and Turkish origin under the organization Sirkhane Social Circus School.

The children are encouraged to take photos of their own surroundings, and capture the innocence and the beauty inside their own lives. I also teach them how to develop their photos, print them and makes exhibitions of their art; a full cycle of artistic experience.

Photography equipments, material and printing are expensive and we are always in need of equipments for our school. We are currently running a fundraiser online.


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