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Sounds of Welcome
12th January 2022
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The theme for the 7th issue of ekō magazine is ‘Sounds of Welcome’ and submissions are now open.

ekō magazine was founded as a social and political platform for storytelling and creativity. It is a means of exercising freedom of expression and bringing together the voices of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, volunteers and activists within the wider community. 

Can you think of any sounds or music, any noises or even moments of silence that remind you of a particular memory in which you were welcomed into a new community or you welcomed someone else? Is there a particular song that you and your (new) friends always listen to? Or a melody that reminds you of home? If so, how would you describe these sounds visually or with written words? Get creative with your contribution and explore the world of sounds.

Submit via submission form. Submissions close on Sunday, 6th February at 6pm. 

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