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20th September 2017

A new development programme for emerging storytellers, from Filotico Arts

Do you enjoy telling stories and have some experience of performance?

Are you a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation migrant?

Do you want to reimagine and perform myths, folklore and fairy tales but also ghost stories, epics, fantasy and sci-fi narratives from around the world with the help of a world-leading storyteller, theatre director and two arts producers?

Join Filotico Arts for #Tellyours2018, a free programme for emerging storytellers.

The programme aims to create a new generation of storytellers that is diverse, curious, talented and trained to the highest standards by the best industry professionals across the performing arts.

Over the course of 6 months Filotico Arts will work with 8 storytellers through a mix of workshops, discussions, mentoring, and showcasing opportunities.

Full details:

Supported by Arts Council England, #TellYours2018 is led by Filotico Arts in partnership with Words of Colour, Renaissance One and Counterpoints Arts.