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The Party Somewhere Else
3rd December 2017
the party

The Party Somewhere Else are a maverick collective of female artists, promoting and showcasing creative performance work that is female led.

They are hosting a festival in Nottingham, primarily based at Nottingham Playhouse, from 19-25th March 2018. Our stages and spaces will be exploding with excitement, energy and equality, fuelled by women with the power of story, theatre, art and debate.

Women are underrepresented in theatre. Even though approximately 65% of theatre tickets are bought by women, only 36% of professional directors, 28% of professional playwrights and 39% of professional actors are female. They are hosting The Party Somewhere Else because it’s time that changed. This playful, provocative festival will give a platform to discuss gender imbalance, celebrate unheard stories and show complex and interesting characters on stage.

They are seeking applications from any and all companies or individuals where women have at least 50% of the creative agency. We encourage applications from people who identify as trans or non-binary, from BAMER, D/deaf and disabled people, and from any and all voices that represent the diverse spectrum of female experience.

They are specifically looking for work that: Has a female driven narrative OR Questions established notions of gender norms AND Is no longer than 60 mins

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