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Three Suns
8th April 2019
Three Suns

By Isabel Lyster

In the kitchen three children are cooking up a storm, as they cook they remember familiar flavours and begin to unravel magical folktales from around the world.

Weaving together innovative puppetry, storytelling and live music Three Suns tells three stories from three different continents- from the Caribbean, to Europe, to the Middle East. We rejoice in the cosy relationship we have with our home, whilst being transported to other cultures where we taste the flavour of new lands.

Paper Jungles project Three Suns is as much focused on outreach, as performance. After observing the disparate connection between migrant/ethnic communities and “locals” living in rural areas, we feel it’s vital to shine a light on both new and long established migrant communities living in our local area- Gloucestershire.

“The results of the study indicated a genuine desire to engage multi-racially at all levels. It demonstrated the need for communities, schools and arts organisations to adjust to the South West’s changing racial demographic as much as those in urban areas.”

(Tangles survey “Everything Matters” relating the creative case for diversity, Arts Council)

Through a carefully thought through process of workshopping, we will create a piece that not only represents but also celebrates these three cultures.

The first workshop will be focused on narrative and storyboarding, we aim to discover aspects of culture and everyday life that are meaningful to the participants, we will then weave these moments into the heartfelt and funny folktales. We feel it’s essential to maintain a sense of authentic representation.

Through the second workshop, each group will create a key visual part of the set by silk painting a Sun. As we enter each new story a new sun will rise. This symbolises both diversity and unity.

The outcome of this project will be a 50-minute performance, aimed at family audiences. Through rural touring, we will reach the remote communities of Gloucestershire, playing to audiences in village halls, libraries, galleries and museums.


If you are a community groups or an individual, we would love to get you involved! We are booking workshops in June, and can facilitate groups of up to 15. All workshops will be offered free of charge.

Please get in contact:

Tel: 07976509553

Three Suns