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Traces Project
20th May 2015

Created by Counterpoints Arts and funded by UNHCR, Traces Project is the first digital timeline to tell the untold history of arts and culture contributions by people who have sought safety in the UK from conflict and persecution. It features biographies, photos and videos of musicians, writers, film-makers, architects and invites users to contribute their own content.

As well as featuring established artists like Nadifa Mohammed (pictured), the site offers a platform for lesser-known artists who are producing exciting work.

Each entry on the timeline has information about why people were leaving the artist’s country at that time, and what UK immigration policy was like when they arrived in the UK.

The site also offers 14 unique learning activities for Key Stages 1-4, which encourage young people to explore issues of displacement, home and identity in creative ways. The activities are available to download for free here

Go to to discover the artists and find out more