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Ara Baz



I am a theatre director, actor, playwright and dramaturge. I have been living in London for 19 years and have worked with a number of theatres.

One of my recent plays which I would love to perform and talk about in the refugee week, if you think it is relevant, is called 'Coming of age'. It is based on a true story of my life experience about the challenge of coming to terms with my own sexuality whilst living in my suppressive country, and how I used theatre and political activism to express some of that struggle. The play represents a culmination of my years of inner conflict as it depicts the relationship with my own mother, who was dying from Alzheimer's, and the moving time when I shared with her the true story of who I really was.

My mother had lost the power of speech towards the end of her life so the play is a monologue. In it I emotionally expresses my hidden sadness, pain and frustrations to the audience through her, and all the cultural restrictions which she used to represent to me. Symbolically this powerful dynamic parallels the feelings of many young people in Britain; that being a fear of feeling different by virtue of their own unique sexuality.

In the last 2 years, based on this play, I have combined my theatrical experience with my reiki ( energy healing) to help to facilitate people's expression of their inner pain and wounds through drama and story telling. I call this work, The Healing Power of Sharing Stories, which all my clients have found very therapeutic.