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Rosanna Lilley

South East


I am committed to fighting for refugees for the rest on my life. i have particular concern for those displaced by the consequences of climate change, and the wider Earth System Emergency, who are not recognised in international law as refugees and thus do not have the the rights that flow from that recognition. I fear that we are already seeing what I'm calling a Hybrid Genocide. Made up of state policy, the militarisation of borders, inaction from the 'international community' and individuals, radicalised by vile rhetoric becoming mass killers such as the El Paso and Christchurch killers who both cited rise in population and more refugees as a result of climate change as reasons for their actions.
I write poetry and make visual art, I hope to use these modes as well as working collectively with others ( see Rise Up Gallery ) to take about this issue. i believe society needs tone prepared for the act of kindness, of kindred, we owe and will be asked of us.