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Ed D’Souza (Robert E. D’Souza, 1969, UK) is a London- based artist and designer. He is also Professor of Critical Practice at Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton. He is known for his temporary, site-specific and participatory/collaborative art and design projects many of which connect to his Indian heritage. His work explores critical practices that engage with a variety of production processes and producers and is supported by his critical writings around social, political and cultural change. Recent projects have been shown in art institutions, biennials and public spaces in China, India, Spain and the UK. Currently his project 'Migrant Car' is part of osloBIENNALEN. In the Oslo Biennial the sculpture was rebuilt in public collaborating with local craftsmen before it will journey around the city acting as a catalyst for other collaborations with local artists and curators over a three-month period to give new meanings to the locality understood by revealing ideas and stories of migration. The sculpture will also give an opportunity in a reflexive and critical role in terms of a dialogue in the city questioning assumptions of how public artworks and audiences might engage in public space through a large-scale event such as a Biennial.