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Takeshi Matsumoto

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I am a contemporary dance artist and dance movement therapist based in London. My work concerns  refugees and statelessness, an ongoing humanitarian crisis, with particular emphasis on children and young generation who live with this difficulty. I travel to Rainbow School every year, a boarding school for stateless refugee children which is situated on the border of Thailand and Myammer  Some of the children are orphaned and some are from extreme poverty. According to the U.N., there are over 10 million stateless people around the world, who are at risk of facing a lifetime of obstacles and disappointment due to the difficulty in accessing basic human rights such as healthcare, employment and freedom of movement. 
 As a volunteer artist, I have been teaching these children dance performance and engaged with ongoing collaboration to make short dance films in order for these children to be more visible, making a bridge between them and people outside. The first film, entitled “We belong” was created in 2018 with hopes that the film would travel around the world for them and reach wider audiences. It has been screened at several platforms and film festivals in the UK, USA and Canada.