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Damayanthi Muthukumaranage

West Midlands


My name is Damayanthi Sathya Muthukumaranage. Since 2017 I am living in the UK. I have worked as a feminist creative designer.

Throughout 20 years of my career, I tried to change our society ideologically through my creations.
During the last years of the Sri Lankan Civil War, 2004-2009, I joined the Media Unit of the National Anti-War Front and dedicated my life to force the Government of Sri Lanka to end the war and bring about a political solution through peace.

Even after the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, I had published many of my cartoons, articles about post-war crimes and demanding justice for war victims. I have been for many years and indeed, I remain active in the promotion of human rights in my opposition to the way in which many people are marginalised and ill-treated.

I am using my creativity as a method to communicate my message about diversity, gender equality, child rights, women empowerment and refugee rights to the general public.

I hope this will help in creating better social attitudes in the future.