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Rana Ibrahim

South East
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Rana Ibrahim Biography

Rana Ibrahim, an Iraqi archaeologist and Artist Ambassador with Outside In.

Rana is a founder/ leader of Iraqi Women Art and War (IWAW) project as a freelance Education and Outreach officer, working with Iraqi women based in Oxfordshire to capture their war surviving oral stories through art. Rana has been doing her own artwork through COVID19 her work displayed via Tumblr.

Recently working at History of Science Museum, the University of Oxford as a Collection Project Officer and part of a project team called Multaka Oxford the Museum + Heritage Fund award-winning 2019 the project aim is to help refugee and forced migrant communities to integrate with Museum collections primarily through Scientific Islamic objects.
Rana also has B.A. Archaeology (Baghdad University) and M.A. in Museum Studies (Newcastle University) and besides of ongoing paper researching the relationship between Islamic collection and its audience at the University of Birmingham as a postgraduate researcher.

Rana Ibrahim
Iraqi Community consultant in Oxford
Freelance Education and Outreach Officer
Professional Consultant in Islamic Collection and exhibition


Twitter: @rana72

Instagram ranaibrahim2014