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Carcazan Art


Artist, illustrator and visual thinker whose work amplifies commonalities and themes of togetherness by spotlighting the fact, futility and ferocity of methods of divisiveness or othering.
Special interests include social justice and freedom of expression / artists rights.

Practice special interests: refugee & migrant issues. human rights, social justice campaigns, modern day Apartheid systems and borders in art.

Media: animation including stop-motion, digital, predominantly analogue with explorative collage, and an eclectic range of styles.

My work examines special interests in the barriers or borders which are placed upon us and others, including by ourselves, and challenges them by extracting and presenting what actually unites apparently or actual polar subjects and contexts to posit how or whether
difference can be a uniting power rather than cast as a tool of division.
This includes especial emphasis in fields of social justice and human rights when addressing the impact of existing borders including those of an emotional, political or other nature, particularly in situations of modern day Apartheid systems.
My work also considers the actualities of and intrinsic relationship between life’s dark clouds the power of any silver linings they generate through the art of conscience and the consciousness of art.