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Voices of Kosovo in Manchester
10th August 2016

A guest post by Pam Dawes.

VOKIM (Voices of Kosovo in Manchester) is Manchester Aid to Kosovo’s oral history project.

Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MaK) produced the VOKIM ‘Voices of Kosovo in Manchester’ project between September 2014 and March 2016. The aim was to record and preserve the story of the Kosovar community in Manchester. Many arrived as refugees in 1999, evacuated to the North West in part of a global humanitarian response to ethnic cleansing in the Balkans. Their voices have been captured alongside a selection of the many people who responded to their struggle.

The new archive allows anyone to witness personal accounts of escalating violence, terror, exodus, and refuge in Manchester.

This is an educational and research resource. We offer original source material including audio (with transcripts, pen sketches and summaries), portraiture, a time line and a demography report. A VOKIM audio compilation, arranged chronologically, is available. We share the challenges of recording oral history in the team recordings.

For extra materials and guidelines for schools and learning please visit

MaK is extremely grateful to HLF and AIUET for their support and encouragement.

This is just the start. Share your story and strengthen this historic record. If you are from Kosovo and live in Manchester this project is about you.

‘Voices of Kosovo in Manchester’ is a mobile, multimedia exhibition available for bookings. Please contact James Walmsley:

Update (May 2017): MaK has donted our archive ‘Voices of Kosovo in Manchester’ to the National Library in Kosovo