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Warth Mills Project
21st June 2018
warth mills

The Warth Mills Project is funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund and tells the story of one of the largest internment camps in wartime Britain.

Summer, 1940. With Northern Europe quickly falling into Nazi control, Churchill instructed the authorities to intern all Italians, Germans and Austrians resident in Britain. These ‘enemy aliens’ included Italian chefs and café owners, and Jewish artists and academics fleeing persecution. Most of these men posed no threat to British security and some went on to fight with the allied forces.

Throughout 2017/18, volunteer researchers in Bury have been creating the Warth Mills Digital Archive – an important resource that will be made available to future researchers.

The Warth Mills Project website invites visitors to explore assets from the digital archive and explore the story of Warth Mills – the conditions, the internees and the transition to a prisoner of war camp.

On Saturday 23rd June, as part of Refugee Week, there will be a special performance: Music Behind Barbed Wire: Ensemble Émigré. Full details: