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Performance and Live Art

Your Story My Story Their Story Now – with ARC Stockton
15th June 2021

In 2017 as part of Platforma Festival Natasha Davis premiered her new performance T-shirts with four participants in Stockton – the work received ovations as part of the Connecting Communities day at the main ARC theatre space.

Continuing on this collaboration, Natasha carried on with workshops at ARC in 2018 to create Alternative Guide to Stockton with five participants, performed over three days in the streets around ARC. Natasha then created a large performance installation Welcome Town, with a group of more than 40 participants – Stockton residents, including refugees and asylum seekers. Commissioned by ARC, Lincoln Drill Hall and Live Collision Dublin, and funded with a large grant from the Future Arts Centres, the interactive installation was placed in Stockton high street for hundreds of audience to interact with on two glorious sunny days in June 2019.

The collaboration with ARC and the participants gathering at the venue continues. In 2020 live contact was intercepted by Covid-19 epidemic, but the group continued to meet online. The result of exchanges became a short film, premiered in April this year for the local audience and now shared more widely as part of the Refugee Week 2021.

This online performance film was recorded around secret corners of Stockton – out of photographs, poetic lines and memories from Stockton neighbours’ lives, stories emerged sharing moments of transformation over the past year.

It is presented on our blog as part of Refugee Week 2021.

Your Story My Story Their Story Now (in English with subtitles) from Natasha Davis on Vimeo.